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Thoughts On Twitter’s 280 Characters

Thoughts on Twitter’s 280 Characters

Now that a few weeks have passed since Twitter increased the character count from 140 to 280 characters, we have some thoughts and observations about the change.

The Pros

  • Tweets can contain a lot more information.
  • We’re seeing less awkward abbreviations of words.
  • There is room to sneak in a few extra hashtags.

The Cons

  • Long tweets can be harder to read, especially when paragraphs aren’t used.
  • Brevity is lost, which was a core Twitter strength.

Our Recommendations

The most engaging content on Twitter or any platform will always be quickly scannable, feature a beautiful photo, video, or link, and direct followers to take action. Research shows 100 characters is the sweet spot, so unless you just can’t find any way to condense your message, keep your tweets short and sweet.