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Get Notified About TripAdvisor Warning Badges

Get Notified About TripAdvisor Warning Badges

Heads up property managers! TripAdvisor has implemented a new “warning badge” to indicate if a property is experiencing health, safety, or discrimination issues. If triggered, the badge will remain in place for up to three months and will appear at the top of your property page.

Receive Warning Badge Notifications

Since TripAdvisor has implemented this new badge, hotels have been asking us if we could notify them if this badge appears on their page. We thought this was a great idea and quickly added support to our TripAdvisor Rank Monitor.

If you would like to be notified if TripAdvisor flags your property, simply sign up your property for the TripAdvisor Rank Monitor. The alerts are completely free. You will be notified immediately if TripAdvisor places any warning badge or message on your page. You can see an example of the alert email below.

About the TripAdvisor Rank Monitor

The TripAdvisor Rank Monitor is a free email alert service provided by The Social Station. Subscribers will receive alerts when their property rank changes, allowing them to monitor the performance of their property.